Quite Sadly

corrupt taxi drivers in Prague are one of the biggest problems commonly encountered by all visitors to Prague.

Tourist spots

Don't even think about getting into a taxi that is parked in front of the train station or at a tourist spots. They are waiting for unsuspecting tourists and are known to charge rates several times higher.


We hate them as much as you do! Czechs hate taxi drivers as much as they despise the police.

Another tip

If you feel that taxi driver will rip you off purposely make a show of writing down taxi registration no. for example to your mobile - you’re a lot less likely to be ripped off.

Call taxi

Be smart and order a taxi by phone from one of these reliable and courteous taxi companies.

Prague links

Prague Taxi Listing

Listing of Major Taxi Companies in Prague. From our experience AAA Taxi and Prague Airport Transfers have honest drivers (most of whom speak at least some English).

AAA Taxi (+420) 222 333 222, (+420) 14014 (reputable)

Prague Airport Transfers (+420) 777 777 237 (reputable)

Profi Taxi (+420) 261 314 151 (reputable)

Sedop (+420) 271 722 222

City Taxi (+420) 257 257 257

Taxi Praha (+420) 222 111 000 (cheap but old vehicles)

Halotaxi (+420) 244 114 411

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do not take taxi off the street


Taxi Driver Wanted to Steal Passenger's Personal Belongings

Dishonest taxi driver

On 20 August 2011 in the morning, at the Andel crossing, the motorised police guard was stopped by a man claiming to have been robbed of his personal belongings by a taxi driver. The robbed man told the policemen that he had been going home by taxi. During the journey he asked the driver to stop at an ATM so he could withdraw cash needed to pay for the taxi. The taxi driver stopped as requested. But when the passenger got out of the car, the driver suddenly pulled off and vanished, nobody knows where, with the personal belongings of the passenger. It was a jacket and a mobile phone worth 15,000 Crowns. Of course, the policemen, with the help of the robbed man, started searching for the taxi and in the end they discovered it in Vítkova Street with the driver right inside. At first the driver denied any involvement. But when the policemen decided to search the car to find out if there were any stolen items there, the driver changed his tune. He admitted he had the items in his car boot, but claimed he intended to give them back. However he was unable to explain how the items got from the back seat to the car boot, and why the cell phone was off then. Based on these facts, the 24-year-old taxi driver ended up at the police station as he is suspected of the criminal act of theft.
Posted September, 2011:

Airport taxi advice

I have been to Prague on several occasions and can recommend avoiding the silver VW cars outside the airport, or make sure your personal accident insurance is up to date. Have also tried the AAA yellow taxi outside the airport they are reasonable if you are not going anywhere east of the river and you don't hit traffic. Some say about AAA taxi that approach is influenced by their monopoly at the Prague Airport. There was several post about them that their drivers are rude and don't care about passengers much. Third option is to prebook car with some other airport transfer companies but there are also buts. When booking try use some of the bigger companies as they are much more likely to be better, that was my experience at least.
Posted MAY, 2007: Peter A. T.